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Editor-in-Chief: Dock Dockery, DPM, FACFAS
Technical Editor: Craig Clifford, DPM, MHA, AACFAS
Associate Editor: Sarah A. Curran, PHD, BSc (Hons)

Current Issue: 8 (4), 2015

A case report of aneurysmal bone cyst of the lateral cuneiform bone of the foot
by Lakshya C, Vishal G, Vivek S

Tibiocalcaneal fusion using a peg-in-hole technique combined with Ilizarov external fixation method
by Edgardo R. Rodriguez DPM, Byron Hutchinson DPM, Eric G. Powell DPM, Kristin J. Thomas, DPM

Does BMI variation change the height of foot arch in healthy adults: a cross sectional study
by A. P. C Udayamali Pathirana BPT, Dr. Watson Arulsingh PT, Dr. Remya K.R PT, Joseph Oliver Raj PT

Arthroscopic first metatarsophalangeal joint fusion for hallux rigidus
by Ibrahim Turan MD, Beran Turan MD, Jan G Jakobsson MD

The influence of semi-custom orthoses on multi-segment foot kinematics in males
by Jonathan Sinclair, James Richards, Paul John Taylor, Hannah Shore

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