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Current Issue: 7 (1), 2014

Lisfrcfig1Outcome after early open reduction and Kirschner wire fixation Of Lisfranc joint injuries
by Irfan Ahmad Latoo (MS), Reyaz Ahmad Dar (MS) , Mubashir Maqbool Wani (MS) , Iftikhar Hussain wani (MS), Mohammad Shafi bhat1


Fig 2Can we recreate intra-operative weight bearing in Hallux Valgus Surgery? A radiographic study using a reproducible technique of load bearing to simulate weight bearing
by RS Ahluwalia, C Elliott, MS Hennessy, SR Platt

Picture4Lumpy Bumpy Achilles with Gait Instability could be Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis: Two Case Reports 
by Iftikhar H wani, Munir Farooq, M Shafi Bhat1, Ansar-ul-haq Lone, Younis Kamal, Irfan latoo


2Compartment Syndrome in a Patient on Warfarin with a Ruptured Baker’s Cyst
by Megan Wilder, DPM, Kenneth Hegewald, DPM, Thomas Landino, DPM

Figure 2Idiopathic Mixed Small and Medium Vessel Cutaneous Vasculitis: A Case Report
by Matthew R. Wagoner, DPM, Corine L. Creech, DPM, Tracey C. Vlahovic, DPM


TOPIC REVIEW: Diagnostic work-up of early rheumatoid arthritis in the foot and ankle patient
by Megan L. Wilder, DPM; Casey C. Ebert, DPM; Craig E. Clifford, DPM


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