Mission Statement

Thank you for visiting this site. We want to welcome all Podiatrists, Foot & Ankle Orthopaedists and health professionals who have a common goal to provide open access publication of information vital to our field of practice. This publication is the first open access journal focused on case presentations of the human foot and ankle.

The publication began in January 2008. It is the first open access journal for foot & ankle medicine and surgery. The journal is a peer review journal with a distinguished editorial board. The board includes individuals who prime goal is to move podiatry and foot & ankle orthopaedics forward and elevated our professions to the world stage of open access publication.

The open access format is ideal for residents, interns, externs and preceptors as well as individuals who are in private and hospital based practice. The journal focuses on case report presentations to help bring together our colleagues and share vital surgical, medical and technical expertise in a case presentation format.

The journal has the ability to quickly edit case reports and have them available on the internet in just a few, short weeks. It is also a great way to introduction students to the process of publishing and research that is not only needed in all medical and surgical professions, but will help to establishing the field of podiatry and foot & ankle orthopaedics as the leading resource in foot & ankle medicine and surgery. Other benefits include the ability of students to ‘get published’ in a quick and easy way and add to their personal curriculum vitae.

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