Issue 11(1), 2018

Issue 11 (1), 2018

Effects of a foot orthosis custom-made to reinforce the lateral longitudinal arch on three-dimensional foot kinematics
by Shintarou Kudo, Yasuhiko Hatanaka, Toshihiro Inuzuka

Conservative surgical management in an extreme diabetic foot case
by JM García-Sánchez, A Ruiz-Valls, A Sánchez-García, A Pérez-García

Choice of surgical treatment for patients with arthrosis of the ankle joint
by Kirill S. Mikhaylov, Vladimir G. Emelyanov, Alexandr Yu Kochish, Aleksandr A. Bulatov

A rare presentation of posterior compartment abscess in a diabetic patient: A case study
by Anthony Romano DPM/PGYIII, Kaitlyn L. Ward DPM/PGYIII, Byron Hutchinson, DPM FACFAS

A new technique using cruciate incisions for treating macrodactyly toe: Case report and review of the literature
by Mohammed Taifour Suliman MD FRCS

Cuboid navicular tarsal coalition: Presentation and evaluation with emphasis on magnetic resonance imaging appearance
by Angela Chang BS, Carly A. Lockard MS, Márcio B. Ferrari MD, Thomas O. Clanton MD, Charles P. Ho MD PhD

Eccrine syringofibroadenoma: A case report with dermatoscopic findings
by Mary A. Mooney MD and Myron A. Bodman DPM