About the FAOJ

The Foot and Ankle Online Journal (FAOJ) was created in 2008 by Al Kline, DPM as the first open-access, peer reviewed journal written for and by podiatrists and foot/ankle orthopedists, dedicated to providing a high quality publication of foot and ankle related articles, free of charge on the internet. In 2011, the FAOJ became the official publication of the International Foot and Ankle Foundation. Our primary goal is to educate, inform and bring together podiatry and orthopedics in the specialty of foot and ankle medicine and surgery.

Many articles published on this site come from a variety of sources including private practice, residency programs and hospital institutions. We are actively looking for research articles and case presentations relevant to podiatry and foot orthopedics for open-access publishing. Articles were published on a monthly basis from 2008 through November 2013. In 2014, the journal went to a quarterly publishing schedule.

The concept of open-access availability of information is not new. When this journal began, there were no open-access journals that highlight case reports in podiatry and foot and ankle orthopedics. In fact, this was the first open-access journal offering free publishing in the area of foot and ankle medicine and surgery. It is a unique switch from online, subscription based journals. The journal publishes both HTML and PDF versions of submitted articles in a journal-like format.

It is the sites goal to provide free and useful information that can be shared within our profession. It is also our attempt to bridge information between podiatry, foot and ankle orthopedics and a variety of other medical disciplines relevant to foot and ankle medicine and surgery. This platform is a unique site to allow residents and private practitioners alike to submit interesting case studies or information relevant to our great profession.