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Editor-in-Chief: Dock Dockery, DPM, FACFAS
Technical Editor: Craig Clifford, DPM, MHA, AACFAS
Associate Editor: Sarah A. Curran, PHD, BSc (Hons)

Current Issue: 9 (2), 2016

Modified Scarf osteotomy for treatment of hallux valgus
by Saad R. El Ashry, M. S. Sidhu, Abhay Tillu

Lisfranc-like injury involving lateral tarsometatarsal joints: a case report
by Mir Tariq Altaf, Muhammad Haseeb, Varun Narula, Aakash Pandita

Postoperative analgesic efficacy of dexamethasone sodium phosphate versus triamcinolone acetonide in bunionectomy: A prospective, single-blinded pilot randomized controlled trial
by Chris Olivia Ongzalima, Wei Lin Renee Lee, Anh Hoang, Ming Yi Wong, Reza Naraghi

Does shoe midsole temperature affect patellofemoral and Achilles tendon kinetics during running?
by Sinclair J, Atkins S, Shore H

Form determines function: Forgotten application to the human foot?
by Mick Wilkinson, PhD and Lee Saxby, BSc

Lateral and open medial subtalar dislocation: Report of two uncommon cases
by Ganesh Singh Dharmshaktu, Irfan Khan

Steroid intra-articular injections for foot and ankle conditions: How effective are they?
by Mohammed KM Ali, Suhayl Tafazal, CA Mbah, D Sunderamoorthy

Effects of energy boost and springblade footwear on knee and ankle loads in recreational runners
by Jonathan Sinclair

Longitudinal Arch Angle (LAA): Inter-rater reliability comparing Relaxed Calcaneal Stance with Toe Off
by Edward S. Glaser DPM, Stephen Goodman MS, David Fleming BS, Misty Shelby cPed, Raymond Lovato cPed, Eric Tidwell cPed

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