March 2010

Influence of High Heeled Footwear and Pre-fabricated Foot Orthoses on Energy Efficiency in Ambulation
by Sarah A. Curran PhD, BSc(Hons), Joanna L. Holliday BSc(Hons), Laura Watkeys BSc(Hons)
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Reduction of Ankle Equinus Contracture Secondary to Diabetes Mellitus with Dynamic Splinting
by Angel L. Lopez, DPM, Stanley R. Kalish, DPM, Mathew M John, DPM, F. Buck Willis, PhD
|Full Text| |PDF for Print|

Tibiofibular Synostosis following Syndesmosis Fixation: A case report
Lyndon W Mason MB, BCh, MRCS, Alex Dodds MB, BCh, MRCS, Nilesh Makwana
|Full Text| |PDF for Print|


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