August 2010

Functional Electrical Stimulation for Treatment of Chronic Foot Drop Due to an Incomplete Sacral Nerve Root Lesion: A Case Study
by Katharine Ambrose, MSPT CBIS, Mary Ann Wilmarth, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert MDT, MTC

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Giant Cell Tumor of the Talus: A case report and review of literature
by Arunangsu Bhattacharyya,MS[Ortho], Rana Das,MS[Ortho], Rajesh Darwani,D.[Ortho]

|Full Text| |PDF for Print|

Os Subfibulare: A case report of painful fibular accessory ossicle
by Vasu Pai MS, D[Orth], National board [Orth], FICMR, FRACS, MCh[Orth]

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