November 2010

Leiomyosarcoma of the Foot: A case report
by Sutpal Singh, DPM, FACFAS, Chih-Hui (Jimmy) Tsai, DPM, Albert Kim, DPM, Timothy Dailey, DPM, Vir Nanda, MD, Rao Paladugu, MD

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Plantar Exostosis in a Malunited Calcaneal Fracture: A rare complication
by Asif Sultan , Tahir Ahmad Dar , Mohd Iqbal Wani ,
Mubashir Maqbool Wani , Samina Shafi

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Gaenslen’s Split Heel Approach for the Treatment of Chronic Osteomyelitis of the Calcaneus: A series of three cases
by Arunangsu Bhattacharyya, MS(Ortho), Rana Das, MS(Ortho)

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