June 2014

4Extra-abdominal desmoid tumor of foot: A case report

by Kolur Puttaswamy Raju MS, Mohan Kumar Jagadeesan MS, Madhusudan Gururajarao Mch, Dashavar Sreekantaiah Gangadhara MD.

SCC1Squamous cell carcinoma of the foot: A case report

by Travis Motley, DPM, MS, FACFAS, Kolby White, DPM, John Clyde, DPM

OM5Therapeutic approach for toenail onychomycosis: Literature review and cost-effectiveness analysis

by Antonio Córdoba-Fernández DP PhD, Priscila Távara-Vidalón DP, María José Mandredi-Márquez DP

fasciitis2Post-surgical plantar fasciitis

by Priya P. Sundararajan, DPM


Reg4Clinical and radiological evaluation of unidirectional porous hydroxyapatite (Regenos®) for intra-articular calcaneal fracture with large bone defect

by Akira Ikumi MD, Masashi Iwasashi MD, Toshiki Muramatsu MD, Sayori Li MD, Mika Hangai MD, Masataka Sakane MD

Figure 5Ilizarov method of fixation for the management of pilon and distal tibial fractures in the compromised diabetic patient: A technique guide.

by Edgardo Rodriguez, DPM, Michael Bowen, DPM, Alexander Cherkashin, MD, Mikhail Samchukov, MD, Stephen Frania, DPM FACFAS, Paul Dayton, DPM FACFAS, Patrick Nelson, DPM

MSEG2Differences in multi-segment foot kinematics measured using skin and shoe mounted markers

by Jonathan Sinclair, PJ Taylor, J Hebron, N Chockalingam

TIB1Tibiocalcaneal kinematics during treadmill and overground running

by Jonathan Sinclair, Paul J Taylor


Talar7bEarly mobilization in bilateral talar fractures

by Mario Cala DPM, Kristina Barreiro DPM, Hany Jeffry DPM.