September 2016

9 (3), 2016

Persistent distal sciatic neuropathy following popliteal nerve block in foot and ankle surgery
by Spencer J. Monaco DPM, Alissa Toth DPM, Dane K. Wukich MD

Posterior dislocation of the subtalar joint: A case report
by Vijay Kumar Kulambi, MBBS, MS (ORTHO), Deepak. A, MBBS, (D. ORTHO)

Application of the distally pedicled peroneus brevis: Technique, case study, and pearls
by Chad Seidenstricker DPM, Megan L. Wilder DPM, Byron L. Hutchinson DPM, FACFAS

Fibromatosis of the soleus muscle presenting as pes equinus: A case report
by Hirofumi Bekki MD, Jun-ichi Fukushi MD PhD, Hideki Mizu-uchi MD PhD, Makoto Endo MD PhD, Yoshinao Oda MD PhD, Yukihide Iwamoto MD PhD

Differences in the degree of stretching applied to Achilles tendon fibers when the calcaneus is pronated or supinated
by Mutsuaki Edama, Masayoshi Kubo, Hideaki Onishi, Tomoya Takabayashi, Takuma Inai, Hiroshi Watanabe, Satoshi Nashimoto, Ikuo Kageyama

The application of generic CAD/CAM systems for the design and manufacture of foot orthoses
by Alfred Gatt PhD, Cynthia Formosa PhD, Nachiappan Chockalingam PhD

Prematurely symptomatic tarsal coalition with peroneal spasm in a 2-year-old
by Robert L. van Brederode, DPM, FACFAS

Neglected Achilles tendon rupture and repair with cadaver allograft, extracellular matrix, and platelet enriched plasma
by Al Kline, DPM

Prospective study of plantar fascia thickness correlated to efficacy of conservative treatment for plantar fasciitis using ultrasonography
by Gerald Kuwada, DPM, NMD

Letter to the Editor
by Robert D. Phillips, DPM