December 2016

9 (4), 2016

Intramedullary rodding of a toe – hammertoe correction using an implantable intramedullary fusion device – a case report and review
by Christopher R. Hood JR, DPM, AACFAS, Jason R. Miller, DPM, FACFAS

The effects of CrossFit and minimalist footwear on Achilles tendon kinetics during running
by Jonathan Sinclair, and Benjamin Sant

Coronal plane talar body fracture associated with subtalar and talonavicular dislocations: A case report
by Barıs YILMAZ, MD, Baver ACAR, MD, Baran KOMUR, MD, Omer Faruk EGERCI, MD, Ozkan KOSE MD, FEBOT, Assoc. Prof.

Atraumatic acute compartment syndrome secondary to group C Streptococcus infection
by Amelia Aaronson, Malcolm Podmore, Richard Cove

Effects of high and low cut on Achilles tendon kinetics during basketball specific movements
by Jonathan Sinclair, Benjamin Sant

Use of an external vibratory device as a pain management adjunct for injections to the foot and ankle
by Joseph D. Rundell, BS, Joshua A. Sebag, BA, Carl A. Kihm, DPM, FACFAS, Robert W. Herpen DPM, Tracey C. Vlahovic DPM